Danni's Blog ~ Just Do You

Danni's Blog ~ Just Do You

So here it is January 30, 2021, almost a month...a month...that's right people, you heard me right, A MONTH. And if I hear anyone say one more time, "Is the website up yet?" I think my head might pop off.

You watch the TikToks and the videos and if you work in the field that I do, dealing with Omni Channel set ups, then you think, phhhff, how hard can this be?? Everything is point and click today, and that one lady on that TikTok video said it was so easy you can have your site up in 7 days.....hmmmmm......guess she only sells one thing and she paid top dollar and her husband is an IT genius that remembers how to write code from back in the day of setting up his My Space page. I swear as I write this, my Facebook & my iPhone are listening to me because my videos are now telling me that I am overthinking it.

I must admit that I am a perfectionist, that Type A personality that wants everything to be perfect and I want my customers to have the perfect experience and that is important to me which I am sure is why it is taking me so long to get my site up and online and going....that and the ADD (let's not talk about that...squirrel...ooohhh are those sequins?....look at that pink dress I LOVE PINK....what was I talking about?) The website right! Yes, well overall it really was not that hard, time consuming yes because I want to be able to sell several things and have a non-profit with it and I like things to look and FEEL a certain way.

The other piece, for me personally, because I do work doing omni channel things I want to have all the bells and whistles and that was what I struggled with a little because I am used to having an IT person help me and a marketing person and an accounting person and, and, and ...and now it was just me doing EVERYTHING and that is a lot. And there were parts that I was not sure about that I tried to figure out and wasted time before having to reach out to google for help. One thing I will say I have learned a lot and in doing everyone's role I have gained a new perspective on everything which in and of itself is unbelievably valuable.

Lessons people, it is all about lessons and I think I have learned a lot this month so it have been time well spent so now drum roll please…..it is time to test the site and release the crackin’.

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