Dandy Foundation

Our mission is to help, teach, & inspire others to believe in themselves, God, while being positive, letting their natural beauty & light shine through by “Just Doing You".

We want to bring awareness to the increasing rise of mental illness in our youth, offer positive ways to boost self-esteem, teach how to have a positive mindset approach, and teach why it is important to be yourself. We also want to bring awareness to others about secondhand clothes that do not sell in the US and about textile recycling along with eliminating the stigmatism of secondhand clothing.

Our special focus is helping those who are 11-25 years of age while showing them how secondhand clothing can be trendy and how there is nothing wrong with wearing secondhand clothing or wearing whatever you like.

Do you know someone who would benefit from our help, or are you in need of help yourself? We are looking to take applications to help those in need this upcoming year. These needs could include and are not limited to clothing, haircuts/coloring, tutoring, help with creating outfits and building a basic wardrobe on a budget, help with applying to colleges and applying for scholarships, help with getting connected with counselors/therapists, and help with getting connected to other non-profit organizations for other needs. If you are interested in filling out an application, email us at Dandy@adelinefrancineboutique.com.

We would also love to showcase those who are not afraid to “Just Do You” on our website and other social media. If that is you, and you want to shine your light, let us know. Email us at Dandy@adelinefrancineboutique.com with your story and pics.

Look for our PayPal information below or for our Donation Buttons to make a donation to the Dandy Foundation. Additionally, any Adeline Francine #JUSTDOYOU Merchandise you purchase will have 50% of the proceeds go toward the Dandy Foundation.